Astro Readings in English and French



Technology enables us today to communicate worldwide with almost no restriction. On a certain level, distance means no longer separation. For people interested in discovering their true meaning in life, this new reality means even more. They now can contact important spiritual persons, ready to help them understand and access their essence, while simply sitting on a comfortable chair, at home. They just have to press some buttons on their PC or laptop. I don’t know how many of us truly understand how fortunate we should feel!

It is also obvious that from a point on too much information becomes confusing, and astrology makes no exception. One is tempted to think that he or she has everything one can want on internet, but, still, Google and God are different things.
No item on internet will talk exactly about you.What you find here, no matter how much, remains general or generic, it will never become personal. Therefore, especially in the spiritual realm, the true seeker must be aware that no page,article, or book, can be the true or complete answer.

As an astrologer, I have been many times asked to write what stars say about somebody. It would be easy, I could always use the copy-paste mechanism, while just extracting, and reassembling information I already have in store. There are many who do this. But not me, I have a different perspective. Every person on Earth is unique and special, and every person should be treated as such. Therefore, I believe in using spoken words, I believe in talking face to face, even if at distance, through messenger or skype. Even phone is better than just delivering dumb pages.

When communicating directly with somebody there is also energy involved, and this energy does a lot of work. Stars are alive, and so are we, astrology serves life through life. Apparently, we all belong to categories, described even by me from time to time, but the true art of an astrologer is to point out how these categories mix in every particular case, and how, to what extent, they involve a person or another, because there is a secret code through which every planet reveals its meaning in as many different ways as the number of  souls who have chosen to come in flesh and take a human form.

To be short, I believe in interaction, and I suggest you believe too! You can contact me by phone or by leaving a message. I will give you an account number, and upon confirmed payment, we will establish a date on which we’ll connect through skype, messenger or facebook. We can speak about any topic, like basic structures or traits, behavior tendencies, interests, money, family…We can touch more subtle, but fundamental things, like karma, or destiny, personal mission and strong or weak points in achieving it, things to beware of, and available yet not discovered tools contained by your potential. Future developments can also be encompassed.

I have been told so far that I am authentic, even charismatic. Maybe I am, maybe I am not, but one thing you can be sure of is that I have never disappointed anybody. When I draw up a chart, it is like entering in one’s life, and I consider this it a great privilege but also a huge responsibility, and I would not dare  play with it. I offer as much light as I am inspired to give by what God wants me to be and express. Astrology means also therapy, soul therapy if you like, as stars combine to create an image of what one looks like internally, kind of radiography, and, if correctly interpreted, can bring relief and guidance. Therefore, my main focus is to show somebody how he or she could function in a better way, considering the material  one is made of.

I am at your service, my prices are decent, and you can count on my English and French. Just believe!

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